Saturday, June 26, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation?

have you ever used it?if so,what do you think about it?Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation?
Its great!! comes in two formulas (combi/oil OR normal/dry) so everyones happy :P. It gives good coverage just like the MAC studio fix fluid, but i find that MAC studio fix fluid looks cakey, unatural and it breaks me out, so i prefer Revlon Colorstay and the price is great! It gives a matte finish and the color really does stay! the Revlon colorstay range is good stuff :) definately try it out :DRevlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation?
I tried it a few years ago. The coverage was great but it's so thick it clogged my pores more and my acne got a lot worse. Had to tossed it.
I had used it years ago, it is a good product with medium coverage and it didn't irritate my skin.
yes, using it right now.

works great, not oily, greasy or anything!

probably one of the best you can get at any drugstore.
iv heard only posotive things about colorstay, type it into youtube and watch some reviews on it there :)

I can't find Revlon Colorstay Finishing Powder?

Every store i've looked in they don't carry it... i live in cape breton plus i tried looking in new brunswick when me and my family were on vacation but they just don't have it?

Halp?I can't find Revlon Colorstay Finishing Powder?
try buying online...

i couldnt find their blemish concealer so i had to buy it of ebay.I can't find Revlon Colorstay Finishing Powder?
Do u have a K-mart near you ? Because if you do, there is a makeup brand called Prestige and they have the most BEAUTIFUL finisheing powders. I got one that has rasberry and champagne colors that is a great blush / highlight.

I've heard for a fact that they are better than the revlon and they cos tthe same :)
you shouldn't get the original all the time, well if its out of stock or they don't carry it here's two options 1.try to find it online 2. go to the store and find a cheaper knock off. good luck hope i halped lol bye bye
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  • I want to get Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation but i don't know what shade?

    Im nc35 at mac I want to get Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation but i don't know what shade?
    Sun Beige or a shade darker-I want to get Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation but i don't know what shade?
    try out all of them on your skin, then look in the mirror and pick your best look. you might want to go with about 2 friends so they can tell which one looks best i hope i helped! %26lt;3
    try, you can try on their makeup on virtual makeover. Its fun.
    ask the lady at the cosmetics counter

    theyre there to help :)

    Has anyone here tried revlon colorstay in combination/oily?

    what do you think of it?????Has anyone here tried revlon colorstay in combination/oily?
    Its fantastic - best i have tried and i love makeup!!!! its well worth the extra $$$$Has anyone here tried revlon colorstay in combination/oily?
    Ick. I'm not a fan. It dries really fast on my skin. You can feel it on your face. It smells just like paint, which, truthfully, do you want to put something that smells like paint on your face? It can get cakey on me. I hate the packaging because there's no pump. The coverage is good though if you don't mind people knowing you have foundation on. It hold back oil well, but not for long. I'm just not a fan.
    I love it i have extremely oily skin and it helps quite a bit also they have it on sale a lot at wallgreens so you can get buy one get one free which is really nice

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    yes!!! i love it!!!!!! try it try it try it!!!!!!!!!!

    good luck!

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    Do you think revlon colorstay foundation work ?

    i have some blemish

    i'm 16

    is the foundation too thick ?

    is it good ? if not .. know any other ?

    break out ? i have oily /combo skin

    worth money ?

    some people said i should use concealer

    know any good one .?. thxDo you think revlon colorstay foundation work ?
    Revlon Colorstay has been compared to MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I've never personally used it but have heard many good reviews on it.Do you think revlon colorstay foundation work ?
    I think colorstay would work very well for you. It is not too thick, but you have to apply it fast because it drys quick. It conceals blemishes very well, more than any other foundation out there that I have come across. From what you have described about your skin, I think you will love it. =)
    I think foundation creates more blemishes, only from experience but i do love bare escentuals there really good and light and great coverage
    Yes it works not too expensive but its worth the money.
    it should work fine.

    Coverage between Revlon Colorstay/Loreal TrueMatch?

    I'm talking about both their liquid foundations.

    Whats the coverage of both of them?

    By coverage I mean light/full/ect

    Also how should I apply it


    Which do you prefer?Coverage between Revlon Colorstay/Loreal TrueMatch?
    Well i havent tried the L'oreal true match, but i do have the revlon one.

    The Revlon Colorstay, which i got in oily/combo, provides a medium to full coverage and it stays on for a longg time. It is also, matte and reduces shine around my nose, since i have that problem. idk, what skin type you are, but get the revlon one. Its really good and it doesn't look cakey. It IS a little hard to blend so blend at one area at a time until you do your whole face. Try a damp sponge =]

    As for the L'oreal i heard reviews saying its suppose to blend perfectly with your skin and feel light like you dont have any foundation on. Its also, suppose to be super duper blendable. However, its gives light to medium coverage.

    I suggest the revlon colorstay overall though.Coverage between Revlon Colorstay/Loreal TrueMatch?
    I would personally recommend L'oreal truematch. why? because since that it's form is in silky powder, it blends beautifully with your skin, doesn't clog pores, reduces shine, and gives a matte finish. although i am not quite a fan of the brush that comes with it. it irritates the skin so buying a seperate brush would be a good choice

    L'oreal true match mineral foundation vs. revlon colorstay mineral foundation?

    i've tried l'oreal true match mineral foundation but it made my face itchy so i stopped.. has anyone tried revlon colorstay mineral foundation? how was it? which worked better for you?L'oreal true match mineral foundation vs. revlon colorstay mineral foundation?
    L'Oreal tests on animals. :( So even if it WAS good, would it really be worth it?

    I haven't tried Revlon's, however, a few friends of mine have. They love it. Revlon also doesn't test on animals, so that's great. What probably made your skin itch was the bismuth oxychloride in L'Oreal's ';mineral'; foundation. Revlon's list of ';mineral'; ingredients contain bismuth oxycloride, sadly. Here is a review from someone who bought it :鈥?/a>

    The complete list of ingredients of Revlon's:

    Talc , Silica , Nylon-12 , Polymethyl Methacrylate , Trimethylsiloxysilicate , Dimethicone , Cyclopentasiloxane , Perfluorononyl Octyldodecyl Glycol , Grapeseedate , Polyethylene , Mother of Pearl , Topaz , Quartz , Silk - Serica , Cymbidium Grandiflorum Flower Extract , Lactobacillus/Eriodictyon Californium Ferment Extr , Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract , Mallow Extract - Malva Sylvestris , Dimethiconol , Dimethicone/Silsesquioxane Copolymer , Triethoxycaprylylsilane , Lecithin , Alumina , Lauroyl Lysine , Phenoxyethanol , Methylparaben , Ethylparaben , Propylparaben , Mica , Titanium Dioxide - CI 77891 , Iron Oxides - CI 77491 - 77492 - 77499 , Bismuth Oxychloride - CI 77163

    If you like mineral foundation try Everyday Minerals. It's what I use. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Amazing coverage for just $12. You can get a free sample kit on their website. Just pay shipping and handling.

    They also have a wider variety of color choices.

    I hope all this info helps! If there's anything else ya need to know about mineral foundation, I'm your girl! :) I'm addicted to it!


    Everyday Minerals comes in 4 different formulas: semi-matte, matte, intensive, and original glow. Semi-matte for normal to combination skin types, gives you a creamy matte finish with a subtle shine while controlling oil. Matte for normal to oily skin types, gives you an essentially shineless yet silky smooth finish while controlling oil. Intensive (is what I use) is for all skin types, provides an extra boost of lasting intensive coverage with a silky near-matte finish (the rejuvenating formula controls oil where needed but doesn't dry out skin.) Original Glow formula is for normal to dry skin types provides you with a dewy glow and useful appearance. All of the formulas come in all of the colors.L'oreal true match mineral foundation vs. revlon colorstay mineral foundation?
    If it made your face itchy, you are probably allergic to bismuth oxychloride, which is a common ingredient in mineral makeup but is also an ingredient that many people are allergic to -- itchiness is the most common symptom.

    Read the ingredients carefully and try to find a brand without bismuth oxychloride. Also, be aware that many drugstore ';mineral'; makeup is simply traditional makeup with a few minerals mixed in -- thus it does not give you the benefits of pure mineral mineral makeup since it still contains many of the artificial ingredients in traditional makeup.

    My favorite bismuth-free brand is Their foundation has a matte finish (bismuth is often used to add shimmer) but they have shimmery finishining powders if you prefer a dewy or shimmery finish. If you're on a budget, their sales change every Sunday so just wait for your product to go on sale, and then the prices are pretty close to drugstore brands (but the quality is way better than the drugstore brands, IMO! I wore drugstore makeup for years but now that I've found Aromaleigh I'm not going back!)

    I also tried Everyday Minerals which was mentioned by another user. I think it would work well for dry and possibly normal skin, but on my oily skin it quickly turned ORANGE! And many other people online said the same thing so it's not just me. But they do have good prices so they're worth a try if you don't have really oily skin.

    Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you!